Kokke Menu = Chef’s menu

Be surprised by the chef with a Nordic style experience. Choose how many courses you want and the chef will do the rest. The chef’s surprise menu can only be ordered per table. Please let us know if there is something you really don’t like or if you have any allergies.

With our surprise menu we want to show you how good the Nordic Kitchen is. The chef also likes to make special treatments for our guests. With our surprise menu we also prevent food waste.

2 courses: € 25
3 courses: € 32
4 courses: € 38

There’s a wine arrangement possible to combine with the surprise menu. With every course you will get a matching wine.

2 courses € 11 (2 half glasses € 7,50)
3 courses € 16 (3 half glasses € 10)
4 courses € 20 (4 half glasses € 12,50)