Nordic Kitchen

At Frisk we love pure. The cooking style is based on the Nordic Kitchen: simple, healthy, authentic, green and seasonal. We cook with attention for humans and nature. Local and fresh products are very important. The starting point is to surprise and to make fair use of the sources we have, that’s how we prevent food waste. Of course never at the expense of the taste!

At Frisk you can eat all day. In the morning you can enjoy a Scandinavian style breakfast or fika with coffee. In the afternoon you can eat fresh bread or authentic Scandinavian sweets with a twist.

Also for dinner you’ll find a few tasty, fresh dishes on our menu. You can even choose for a surprising menu. Furthermore, at Frisk you can come for a good drink or aperitif. Take a seat at our bar, chill down at our couches or take a seat outside on the terrace to enjoy our wines, special beers (local & Scandinavian), or something stronger. For example, we serve good Aquavit Cocktails.