Are you having a nice day sailing and looking forward to some snacks? Moor your boat at Frisk and order our special BOATBOX at the bar. BOATBOX ‘aan het Spaarne’ mostly contains ‘Dutch’ snacks. BOATBOX ‘Frisk’ contains tasty, Scandinavian snacks. While waiting you can drink something at the bar.

Since this summer we sell popsicles by ‘IJsmanschap’. IJsmanschap is a Dutch popsicle brand. IJSmanschap’s mission is to make changes in the current ice market. The whole process of ice making is transparent by IJsmanschap and they want to make people aware of what they’re eating. Ice lollies you can really enjoy and 100% natural. IJsmanschap exactly does this and is convinced to make it possible in a noble way with respect for the beautiful and natural ingredients. Renewal in the ice market starts with the supply.