The interior

When Juan Nibbeling and Merel Janssen sketched a design for Frisk’s interior, they wanted to create a nice meeting place where the building, humans and nature are central. The result is a spatial place that justifies the historical building and at the same time feels cosy. A mix of old and new, Scandinavian and local. Circularity and upcycling were the starting point. In a smart way there are as many elements from the old interior re-used. Fresh colours, wood and leather elements are added to the old interior, and also a lot of plants.

Thereby Frisk has started a dynamic and sustainable collaboration with the makers of MAAK. With the inspiration from ‘Sami Art’ and the guys from Veldtwerk. The veranda is made by the guys from Van STUK. The massive 5 meter table is designed by Juan van Werkterrein, which is mostly made by the makers of the learning company ‘Persceptief’ under the guidance of Peter. And the beautiful lamps above the table? They are made by Snijmeesters.

If you want to know more about our interior, read here!