Durability is central at Frisk aan het Spaarne. That’s why we work with local and durable suppliers, as much as possible.

Our fresh specialist Han de Kroon brings fresh, biologic and regional vegetables and fruit daily. Fishmonger Tel from IJmuiden is our durable fish supplier. Our beer brewery Gulpener has an ambitious sustainability policy and their goal is to minimalize environmental impact.

Also very special: Bidfood uses our coffee-grounds to grow oyster mushrooms.

These oyster mushrooms will be used to make oyster mushroom balls, which we sell on our menu.

Maybe you’ve noticed that we don’t have a massive menu at Frisk. That’s how we create less chance of food waste. To cook seasonal we keep serving new, surprising dishes. Our daily dish is always vegetarian and in the smoothie of the day we use seasonal fruit and vegetables. And we try to use the whole product, as much as possible. Did you know that it’s possible to eat the green from the radishes? For example our kitchen uses that in salads. Bread crusts will be made into croutons and if the bread happens to be a bit old, we serve delicious french toast.

Due to the fermentation of vegetables we make sure the shelf life will be longer. We hope to inspire our guests with the way we work.

You’ll also find durability in all the small things we do. We try to limit our garbage as much as possible. For example, all products are delivered in deposit money crates. The garbage we do have, will be separated: paper, glass, plastic, residual waste. Following, we almost have LED lighting everywhere, at this moment we work on a manifest ‘working durable’ and Frisk is designed by the cradle-to-cradle principal. That means that almost all furniture is second hand, collected by thrift shops and at Marktplaats.